Welding Primers


FLASHPRIMER GK: 1K Alkyd Welding Primer (Mat)

FLASHPRIMER WB: 1K Waterbased Acrylic Welding Primer (Mat)

PLPCOATINGS have developed  a wide range of welding primers. They allow welding and cutting operations with no impact on the quality of the weld and with very low fuming.

PLPCOATINGS flagship welding primers are Flashprimer GK (based on alkyd resins) and waterbased Flashprimer WB. 

Flashprimer WB is certified to produce non-toxic welding fumes whilst ensuring a high-quality certified weld.


•Fast drying

•Fast recoatability

•Excellent hiding properties

•Give temporary anti-corrosive protection for steel

•Suitable for outdoor applications combined with a suitable topcoat

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