APAC (Association Assurance Peinture Anti Corrosion)

PLPCOATINGS are proud members of APAC (Association Assurance Peinture Anti Corrosion).

APAC offer a unique Anticorrosion Package. They work together with independent technical experts to develop the anticorrosion solution customer’s need, guaranteed.

As part of this independent international consortium of anticorrosion specialists, PLPCOATINGS is able to offer expert technical advice in the metal application and construction industry. This work can then be insured against corrosion damage (from 1 year to a maximum of 10 years).

Examples of work APAC has insured includes buildings, tanks, bridges, pipes and masts. APAC have been responsible for completing exciting and innovative projects throughout Europe including the Beez Viaduct (Namur) and the FLUXYS-LNG Terminal (Zeebrugge).

For more information please feel free to contact PLPCOATINGS or APAC directly at https://apac-corrosion.be

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