PLPCOATINGS has an extensive range of protective coating solutions and has a suitable anti-corrosion coating for any type of environment.

(C1-C5). The weather and the substrate both have a huge influence on the likelihood of rust formation. Specific conditions are always considered when developing the best solution for customers.

The ideal protective system can be developed using PLPCOATINGS full range of primers, intermediates and topcoats.

The Fosfocoat Range

If an easy to use one coat system is needed then the Fosfocoat range offers the ideal solution.

The Fosfocoat range is designed for indoor use on steel and cast iron.

Fosfocoat dries to an attractive satin gloss finish therefore an additional finishing coat is not always necessary.

• Zinc phosphate coating for industrial application.

• Fast drying.

• Good anti-corrosive properties.

• Dry film thickness of up to 100 microns can be achieved.


1K Alkyd DTM Satin (Fast Drying, High Build)

Fosfocoat LL

1K Alkyd High Solid DTM Satin (Fast Drying, High Build, High Coverage,)

Fosfocoat HS AV

1K Alkyd DTM High Solid Mat (Fast Drying, High Build, Aromatic Free)

Fosfocoat HG65

1K Alkyd DTM Gloss (Fast Drying, High Build)

Fosfocoat WB

1K Waterbased Acrylic DTM Satin

Fosfocoat WB LL

1K Waterbased Acrylic DTM Mat – Satin

Fosfocoat WB HP 

1K Waterbased Acrylic DTM Satin (Suitable for application in demanding environment)