We can supply the right product for your requirements.

Whether it’s an anti-corrosion paint, a heat resistant paint, industrial paint or road marking paint, you can find anything you need, solvent or water based, within our selection of paints.
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Industrial coatings

Paint solutions for machinery, containers, agricultural vehicles, etc.
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Paints and varnishes for agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery requires a specific sort of paint. PLPCOATING has therefore developed a range of paint systems which take the specific requirements of this sector into account.  


Paints for machinery

PLPCOATINGS can supply high quality paint products for machinery and equipment in a wide range of sectors. From engine blocks to small tools and even photocopiers. We can supply you with the appropriate paint for any industrial application.

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Container paints

Give your containers, drums and other large metal containers a high-quality finish with our PLPCOATINGS container paints.

Heat resistant paints

Looking for a paint for a stove or exhaust system?

Then choose Pyropaint or Thempores, paints that can withstand the highest of temperatures.


Are you looking for a decorative coating for a stove or a chimney? A safe finish for an engine exhaust? 

You can find an entire range of high quality heat resistant paints at PLPCOATINGS.

These industrial coatings retain their properties even at high temperatures. We’d be happy to help you select the correct paint. Whatever the surface, the application and the heat resistance you require we can definitely find you the most suitable product.

This heat-resistant paint that was specially developed in our R&D department to withstand temperatures of up to 300 °C. This is based on carefully selected silicon and polyester resins. Results: scratch-resistant, gloss and colour retention and low thermoplasticity. Pyropaint is ideal for heating and lighting installations, household appliances and electrical heating systems. 

If you want to paint stoves, fireplaces or chimneys, you’ll need Thempores. This paint that can withstand high temperatures in the range 300 °C to 650 °C and even dries quickly at room temperature.   Dependant on the temperature the paint is likely to be exposed to, we have a wide range of colours and satin varnishes. 

Protective coatings

Anti-corrosion paints for metallic structures or protective paint for floors…
you can take your pick at PLPCOATINGS.

Anti-corrosion paints

Did you know that among other factors, the likelihood of rust forming depends on where you live in the world? The weather and the substrate both have a huge influence over this. However, PLPCOATINGS has a suitable anti-corrosion paint for any type of environment (C1-C5).

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Floor paints for

Looking for a floor paint that can withstand go-karts for over 5 years? It must be Paulyfloor IC+. This paint is easy to apply and provides a perfect surface application for go-karting circuits. Paulyfloor IC+ ensures less wear on the tyres, greater grip on the track, increased safety and above all a better racing experience. 

roofing paint

With Paulyroof you can give your roof an impenetrable coating. This paint is so supple and stretchy, it’s easy to give your roof a thick coat, with no risk of cracking. For optimal safety, Paulyroof is even flame-retardant.


Concrete and
Anti-Graffiti Paint

Our ant-graffiti paint is the result of years of development by our R & D staff. It offers optimal protection for your concrete structures against graffiti. We are able to offer this paint as a primer, but also as a transparent or coloured finishing coat. With one or two layers the surface can be protected from damage by graffiti.

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Welding primers

Would you choose for our Flashprimer GK based on alkyd resins? Or our water-based Flashprimer WB? Both welding primers are perfectly suitableFF for spraying and both dry quickly.

Both welding primers are perfectly suitable for spraying and both dry quickly. Flashprimer is also certified to produce non-toxic welding fumes. Our flash primers also protect against corrosion for 2 to 3 months (depending on the environment). The Flashprimer GK can be overpainted using another alkyd paint, whilst Flashprimer WB can be overpainted with almost any type of paint ( alkyd, polyurethane, etc…).


Road marking paint products

PLPCOATINGS offer a full range of high quality paints for road markings (wet application).

We are one of the few suppliers who can manufacture these top quality paints in large quantities.