PLPCOATINGS floor paint is more durable than standard paint and is able to withstand knocks and scuffs from heavy footfall and vehicle movements.

PLPCOATINGS has a full range of Epoxy and Polyurethane floor paints that offer the protection required for industrial flooring.

  • Very hard, abrasion resistant and can give a smooth non-slip finish.
  • Resistant to mild chemicals, salt, oils, fats, detergents, petrol and some mild solvents.
  • Suitable for all industrial flooring including warehouses, workshops, garages, car parks, storerooms and basements.

Paulycote WB Floor

2K Waterbased Epoxy Topcoat

  • Low odour for indoor application.
  • Suitable for application on fresh concrete even if still slightly damp.

Paulycote Floor

2K  Epoxy  High Solid  Topcoat

Paulythane Finish Markeerverf

2K  Polyurethane  Topcoat

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